New York

Private Venture Fund

This fund provides the upfront capital necessary to cover the expenses of entrepreneurs who are completing a public offering.This unique fund is operated by a CEO who has helped companies go public for two decades and has an advantage determining the most likely winners based on his expertise.
In exchange for providing this capital is able to obtain a unique position to get the lowest prices BEFORE the Google’s and Amazon’s of tomorrow make their big moves. At the helm of the company is a 25 year veteran in the industry who’s company specializes in taking companies public. This gives him unmatched optics as the fund manager to thoroughly vet deal flow and pick the most likely future winners. These are fast turnarounds with 6% preferred returns, plus all of your investment back and 50% of resulting profits in just 24 months. Predicting winners at the earliest moment is where the big money is made, because it allows you to maximize your returns.